Planning a funeral not only takes time and money, but it can be an emotional process to consider the memories that were shared with your loved ones over the years. Even if you knew the funeral was coming, it can be hard to say goodbye. While you are working through the grief, you also face the difficult decisions relating to funeral and cremation planning in Geneva, OH.

Our staff at Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services is here to provide the individualized support you need during this challenging time. We know that each family is unique in their beliefs and cultural preferences. So, we honor your wishes and work hard to ensure that your traditions are included in the funeral plan.

As you get to know our team, you will see that we truly care about each family we work with. During this process, our goal is to help you create an experience that will be remembered for years to come. This is your last opportunity to say goodbye, which is why it is essential that you don’t cut any corners on funeral services.

Your Options for Funeral Home and Cremation in Geneva, OH

What is the right type of service to honor your loved one? At Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services, we are proud to be a full-service provider, which means that we give you access to everything needed before, during, and after the funeral. Every event is personalized to fit the requests of the deceased and the needs of the family.

These are some of the most requested services we offer:

  • Low-Cost Cremation: If you need an affordable way to lay a loved one to rest, consider planning a direct cremation without unnecessary services. We offer competitive prices, promising that you will receive the highest levels of respect without the expensive price tag.
  • Pet Cremation: When you are grieving the loss of a family pet, it makes sense that you can find closure in the proper burial of your companion. Talk to us about quality pet services, including cremation for the animals in your family.
  • Traditional Funerals/Burials: Tradition is a great way to maintain a feeling of consistency and culture. Often, families have traditions that are passed through the generations, which is why it is essential to create funeral services that support your desired cultural influences. We have experience helping families from all backgrounds, religions, and walks of life.
  • Memorial Services: If an immediate funeral isn’t a good fit for your timeline, then you might complete the burial or cremation right away and hold a memorial in the future. A memorial service is much like you’d expect with a funeral, including a program with music, readings, life sketches, and more. The main difference compared to a funeral is that the casket is not on display at the memorial.
  • Celebrations of Life: Do you want to celebrate the person’s life instead of holding a somber, formal funeral? A life celebration is a great way to honor the personality of the deceased. Consider the specific activities, food, and music that set the tone for an event that matches the person’s preferences.
  • Catering and Reception Center: Visit our facilities to see the beautiful reception center. This gathering space is perfect for celebrations of life, formal funerals, and everything in between. Our goal is to ensure that your guests are comfortable during the event. Not only do we have a space where you can spend time with friends and family, but we can also coordinate catering so you can feed those in attendance.

As you read through this list of funeral and cremation services in Geneva, OH, it’s easy to see that we offer everything you need. Our goal is to support your family with beautiful, respectful care through all stages of funeral planning.

Getting Started: When to Begin Planning a Funeral

One common question we hear is regarding the timeline of funeral planning: when should we start working on these services. In the same way that it takes time to coordinate other large gatherings, such as weddings and parties, you need to have plenty of lead time to create a quality funeral service.

At Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services, we have good systems in place to help with last-minute funeral planning. Our team will walk your family through the various details that need to be addressed, then help you in the selection of the right funeral package for your needs.

Whenever possible, we encourage families to be proactive with preplanning services. This approach gives you plenty of time to finalize the details of the event, without the high emotions that come with last-minute planning.

We are here to help when you require funeral home and cremation care in Geneva, OH. Visit Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services at 1500 Harpersfield Rd, Geneva, OH 44041. You can schedule an in-person meeting, or talk to us over the phone: (440) 361-2273.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the funeral services you offer?

We offer traditional full service funerals, burial services, and cremation services. You may read more about each service here.

What are tribute videos?

Your family photographs are skillfully blended with wonderful graphic images and music, to create an elegant cinematic video. Check here to know more of how you can honor the lives of your loved ones.

How do we design our funeral?

There are two facets of the design process. First, we ask you to consider how you wish to honor and celebrate the life. When those important decisions are made, we’ll turn to the issue of how you wish to care for the physical remains. Read more about the process here.