What Do You Need for Funeral and Cremation in Madison, OH?

Funeral planning can be stress-free when you are working with a knowledgeable funeral home. At Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services, we’ve designed proven solutions to help your family create a perfect experience. Not only are these services designed to honor your traditions and cultural influences, but we are also proactive about caring for the small details that need to happen behind the scenes.

These are some of the options you might consider if you choose us for funeral planning:

  • Affordable Cremation
  • Pet cremation
  • Traditional Burials/Funerals
  • Memorial Services
  • Celebrations of Life
  • Reception Center and Catering

You will find that we provide full transparency with the pricing of our services. When you talk to our funeral planning staff, we offer detailed information about the included services, as well as the price you will pay. Many families are working with a tight budget, which is why we are proactive in ensuring competitive pricing. You can save money without worrying about a reduced quality of service – we always overdeliver when caring for the families we meet.

Affordable Pet Cremation Madison

Losing a pet is like losing a friend. You experience pain and loss when you have to wave farewell to a dear friend. When pets die, the most common method of final disposition is cremation. Furthermore, pet cremation allows pet owners to keep their pets' ashes at home.

Most pet cremation services are not the same pricing. There is, however, a set price for pet cremation that should be comparable to what you pay. On average, a private pet cremation costs roughly $125.

This pricing is the same for cats and dogs, though large-breed dogs may be more expensive. Visit our Pet Cremation Packages page for more information today!

Funeral Planning: Don’t Delay the Schedule

Yes, it is possible to coordinate funeral services in just a few days. There are times when a loved one passes without considering preplanning options. In this situation, the family needs to work through some difficult decisions in a short time. In addition to arranging a location for the funeral, the family must also face other details such as food, burial, cremation, memorial items, and more.

At Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services, we offer full-service care, which means that you can access everything that is needed from our team. Choosing us for funeral and cremation in Madison, OH gives you the benefit of working with one provider in the local area. Our goal is to get a clear understanding of your preferences, then we work hard to identify the best services that match your preferences.

While there are options to finalize funeral plans with a short timeframe, we find that families have lower stress levels when funerals are preplanned. Even if you don’t know when the funeral will be scheduled, you can contact our team at your convenience to discuss the possibilities. Preplanning gives you the benefit of time. You can avoid the rushed decisions by finalizing funeral plans without the heavy emotion of grief and loss.

People in great health often choose to preplan funeral services. This is a way they can share their love with family members by leaving detailed information behind after they are gone.

Respect and Support from a Team You Can Trust

Take a moment to learn more about Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services and you will see that there is a reason why we have an excellent reputation in the local industry. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to support the needs of each family, offering quality care for people from all walks of life.

Our approach to funeral planning is to ensure that every family receives one-on-one attention and a personalized service. We take time to listen to your desires, then maintain a proactive approach to incorporate your traditions and cultural ceremonies into the event.

At the same time, we also see that some families prefer a hands-off approach for funeral planning. We’re happy to offer the perfect level of support, giving you privacy and cost-effective solutions when needed.

What do you need to learn about funeral and cremation in Madison, OH? As you are preparing for an upcoming event, let Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services support your family. You’re invited to visit our funeral home located at 1500 Harpersfield Rd, Geneva, OH 44041. Call to schedule a consultation with our funeral director: (440) 361-2273.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we find the names of our dearly departed?

You may search for them in our Obituaries. Input their details here.

Do you offer flower arrangement?

Yes Daughter's Florist & Gift Shop has been proudly serving Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula Counties since 1979 and create beautiful flower pieces that will leave long lasting memories. Get to know more of our local florist here.

What are your packages for cremation?

We offer the Simple Cremation Package at $975; Simple Online Cremation Package at $1,000; Simple Cremation & Celebration of Life Service at $2,195; and the Full Service Cremation Package at $3,775. You may check our package inclusions here.