Is it time for you to schedule cremation or funeral services for a loved one? Getting started with funeral planning can feel overwhelming and challenging. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Selecting an experienced team for help with funeral and cremation in Ashtabula, OH is the most important decision you will make. A knowledgeable funeral planning staff provides a clear path and custom recommendations to help you navigate this industry.

At Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services, we understand the unique experience it can be to coordinate end-of-life services for a loved one. We care about the outcome of your event, which is why our team works hard to ensure that you receive our undivided attention through all stages of the planning process.

Whether you require immediate support for funeral planning or you are thinking about options for the future, we’re just a phone call away. Contact us at your convenience so we can discuss available funeral packages and help you in choosing the right services to honor the wishes of your loved one.

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Don’t hesitate to call Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services because we are the one you are looking. We serve with respect, care and affordable services for your loved ones, friends or family. We've worked with families from many walks of life for many years. Each family connected to us know that we are industry leaders, committed to providing exceptional services, with the highest level of ethics.

Quality Care: Funeral Home and Cremation in Ashtabula, OH

As you compare available funeral homes in the area, you’ll see that our team stands out as a full-service provider. We work hard to ensure that the needs of each family are met through all stages of the funeral planning process. Not only can we provide the services needed for traditional funeral services, but families often work with our team for alternative planning as well.

Here is an overview of some of the most popular services we provide:

  • Low-Cost Cremation: An expensive funeral bill can be stressful when you are working through the loss of a loved one. The cost of funeral services can add up, which is why many families are looking for affordable alternatives. We provide low-cost cremation for those who want to maintain simplicity in their planning. This standalone service can be scheduled without a formal event, saving your family thousands of dollars if needed. Often, families who choose direct cremation decide to hold a DIY memorial or ceremony at home to save money.
  • Pet Cremation: If you have a pet, then you know that this companion is an important member of the family. Pet cremation services give you a way to lay your beloved animal to rest without the need to pay for a burial plot in a local pet cemetery. We offer quality pet cremation services, with the option to place your pet’s ashes in a memorial urn if desired.
  • Traditional Funerals/Burials: Sometimes, tradition is the best way to find closure. Families like the familiarity and comfort that comes from traditional funeral services. These events can be held at our funeral home, or you can consider other venues such as a church or cemetery. You can include cultural ceremonies and other age-old activities that help your family strengthen bonds and share memories.
  • Memorial Services: Planning a memorial is very similar to the process of planning a funeral. The only difference between memorials and funerals is that the casket is not present at a memorial. You can hold a memorial after the cremation ceremony. Or, have an immediate casket burial with a memorial in the future to give family and friends time to travel to the event.
  • Celebrations of Life: Saying goodbye doesn’t have to be a somber event. If you are looking to infuse personality and unique activities in the planning, then consider hosting a life celebration instead of a funeral. This gathering is often more upbeat compared to traditional funeral services. For example, you might have a dance party, host a tailgate-style BBQ, or invite friends and family to spend a joyful evening in memory of the deceased.
  • Catering and Reception Center: No matter your event size, our team can host your gathering. We have a beautiful reception center and options for delicious catering to feed your guests. Talk to us about the facilities and services that are available.

Discuss Your Options with an Experienced Funeral Director

We’re here to help with funeral home and cremation in Ashtabula, OH. You can talk to us any time by visiting our funeral home or scheduling a phone consultation. Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services has a beautiful funeral home in the area located at 1500 Harpersfield Rd, Geneva, OH 44041. Call us to learn more about our quality services: (440) 361-2273. As you are considering the possibilities, it’s important that you schedule a time to talk to a funeral director. Our caring staff is here to answer your questions, provide information, and offer recommendations to match your preferences.

We promise that you always have access to affordable solutions when you choose our funeral home. Our prices are always competitive, without sacrificing the quality of services you receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer pet cremation?

Yes we have a pet cremation service which includes a complimentary pick-up and transportation of pet to crematory, a custom pet urn personalized with your pet’s paw print, and more. Kindly refer here for the complete list of packages.

Do you have a reception center?

Yes our chapel and reception center can be rented for any life event. You may also rent our facility for family birthday parties, retirement parties, bridal or baby showers, vow renewals, graduation parties, business meetings and much more! Check our rates here.

Why is preplanning your funeral important?

Giving a pre-plan to those you love gives everyone greater peace-of-mind. You can then live your life to the fullest, knowing you've done the right thing. Fill up our online pre-plan form now.

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