Pet Cremation Services and Packages

Pet service hours are Monday-Friday from 9-4pm. After hours and weekends are bystaff availability only, and will require an additional $75 after-hours charge. 

Loving Pet Cremation Services Include:  (On-Site Loving Pet Crematory)

Loving Pet Cremation Services Include:  (On-Site Loving Pet Crematory)

This service includes (Cost of Pet Cremation):

How much does it cost to cremate a pet? The cost of a pet cremation can be different for each kind. 

Bury or cremate a pet? The choice of cremation or burial is a personal one. When it comes to pets, the majority of people opt for cremation. This is because cremation is less expensive than burial, and cremated animals are readily available in most areas.

  • $75 transportation charge (families are welcome to transport pets to our facility during normal business hours of 9am-4pm*).
  • A custom pet urn with your pet’s paw print, a clip of fur, and a certificate of cremation. 
  • Pets 40lbs or under, $125
  • Pets 41-90lbs, $145
  • Pets 90-150lbs, $175
  • Pets 150lbs+, $225

Lake Erie Cremation & Funeral Services offers affordable pet cremation services designed with you, the pet owner in mind. We offer a variety of packages including Memorialization Options such as urns, grave markers and plaques so you can honor your beloved friend while keeping the cost low. Our caring staff will help guide you through this difficult time with compassion and understanding while providing all the information needed in fulfilling your wishes. Let us take care of everything from start to finish so that you don’t have any worries or concerns about making arrangements for your cherished companion.

*Should your loving pass away outside of our normal pet service hours of 9am-4pm (Monday-Friday), please take note of some simple overnight care guidelines and call our staff at 9am the following morning to begin arrangements for your pet.

Overnight Care Guidelines

  • Place plastic barrier underneath your pet.
  • Place your pet in a cool and dry area overnight.
  • Place your pet away from other pets while unattended.

Arrange your Loving Pet Cremation Online Today.  When forms are received, a Crematory Representative will reach out to make any necessary travel arrangements for your pet.